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The OPC for Odcombe is : Christine Ellis

Places of worship:

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St. Peter and St. Paul

Census returns:

664 individuals in the OPC Database for the 1861 census.

73 People born in this parish but residing elsewhere in the OPC Database for the 1861 census.

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An 1861 Ordnance survey map of Odcombe 

Parish Histories:

Thomas Croyate A Parson's son of Odcombe, Somerset, he is credited with being the man who introduced the fork to Britain, and coining the word 'umbrella'. But most importantly of all Tom Coryate is thought to have made the very first Grand Tour of Europe in 1608. He recorded his exploits in his first book Coryate's Crudities (1611), commonly believed to be the first 'travel book' of it's kind. This book was then used by the 18th Century Grand Tourist as the blue print for their European travels.

Parish Histories:

Following Tom Thomas Coryate (1576-1617) was one of the great early travellers, opening up Europe, the eastern Mediterranean, the Holy Land and Mogul India to his amazed - and sometimes disgusted - readers. In 1608 he set out to travel - mostly on foot - through France and Italy to Venice, returning through Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. His book reporting on what he had seen and experienced, Coryats Crudites, was published in 1611 and was a huge success, providing both useful information and entertainment through the reported encounters and mishaps of the apparently tireless author. Nowadays few people have actually read the work, which stretches to over a million words, but Coryate demands to be known more widely, since he was the person almost single-handedly responsible for the creation of the Grand Tour, that inescapable finishing process which was to mark a rite of passage for the aristocracy and the upper middle classes of Britain for over 150 years. As one modern editor of Coryate has commented: 'the scope, reliability and, not least, the entertainment value of the Crudites give it an assured place among the best in the literature of travel'.

Parish Histories:

Odcombe Carols Odcombe is one of the few English villages with their own Christmas carols that are sung every year in the streets or local pub. The origins of Odcombe's carols is mystery. The music is believed to originate from The West Gallery Period', 1750-1840, when bands of musicians used to accompany singers in church. It is an oral tradition. today newcomers learn both from the traditional singers and from written music. This is copied from the only known transcription, made in 1924 by Ben Hiscott( 1902-1982).

Parish Histories:

A vision of Odcombe A vision of Britain between 1801 and 2001. Including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions

Record Offices:

Summary of SRO holdings for Odcombe 

Genealogical Societies:

Somerset & Dorset Family History Society 

Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.:

Poor Law Union The Yeovil Poor Law Union formally came into being on 13th May, 1836.


Somerset FreeReg status for Odcombe 


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